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6th December 2019

Can Blockchain Help Prevent Fraud?

Sam Kelly – Head of Research & Development THE COST OF FRAUD Fraud is a problem. It’s ubiquitous. It affects […]

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2nd December 2019

Another Side to Supply Chain

Sam Kelly – Head of Research & Development Knowledge of origin In a previous post, I discussed the importance of […]

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18th November 2019

Proof of Origin with Blockchain

What’s in this post? How Important is Knowledge of OriginBeyond A Price TagThe Problem with Supply ChainStreamlining Supply Chain with […]

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13th November 2019

Trust in a Blockchain-based Identity

What’s in this post? The Merits of Digital IdentityA Cautious ApproachA Blockchain Based IdentityCan We Trust the Data?Assurance With Proof […]

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27th October 2019

How smart are smart contracts?

A smart contract is an agreement between two parties, digitally encoded onto a blockchain, that automatically executes a transaction once certain conditions have been met.

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13th October 2019

Bringing trust to the blockchain

Smart contracts and blockchain technology are reshaping the way customers and businesses interact, and trust plays a vital role in order to creating effective working relationships between parties.

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11th October 2019

Just What is a Blockchain?

In many ways, asking ‘what is blockchain?’ is like asking ‘what is the internet?’ In most cases, we aren’t actually interested in what it is or how it works. What is of greater interest, is how can the technology be used to our advantage?

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