In the 21st century governments rely on sharing data quickly and securely, the Nebula platform provides a mechanism to validate critical information transparently — saving public departments substantial amounts of time and money.

High-Risk Claim Identified

Following an indication from a government department, The Proof of Trust application is invoked to resolve a query, issue or dispute.

Evidence Collated

Each party involved in the dispute has the opportunity to upload evidence to support their case.

Adjudicators Selected

Our anti-collusion algorithm selects the most appropriate adjudicators (Delegates) to examine the evidence.

Independent Voting

The chosen Delegates inspect the evidence independently, in an environment free from conspiracy and fraud.


The result of the case is determined by the voting majority; our patented protocol is guaranteed to produce the fairest possible outcome.

Immutable Record

Our use of blockchain ensures a trusted, immutable record of all events is kept — providing a mechanism for rigorous data analytics.

Case Resolved

The independent determination is passed back to the parties, thereby effectively and efficiently resolving the case.

Trust Restored

The transparent nature of our process brings trust to all transactions.