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22nd November 2021

As DeFi adoption grows, Astra Protocol will rescue the sector from mishaps

Since the release of Satoshi’s Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, numerous key developments in the blockchain industry have evolved, altering the […]

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9th November 2021

ASTRA Protocol and Squire Patton Boggs Partner on Crypto Compliance for Institutional Investors

Read full article: Squire Patton Boggs, one of the world’s leading full-service legal companies for ensuring cross-border compliance counselling […]

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Astra Protocol set to launch ASTRA token

Read full article on Yahoo Finance – As the world of DeFi has matured, the new financial market is […]

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19th October 2021

Astra Protocol to Ensure Regulation For Blockchain, Crypto, and DeFi

Astra Protocol says it will help in adding on-chain layer of assurance and safety to blockchain, crypto, and DeFi. It […]

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How Astra’s Decentralized Compliance Layer Fills a Legal Protection Gap

The realm of decentralized finance is very much appreciated by the people who take risks. The ecosystem cannot resolve disagreements […]

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27th September 2021

Astra Protocol Is Helping To Ensure Regulatory Compliance For Crypto Firms

Taken from this recent article in Investing Cube. The rise of cryptocurrencies has taught the human race a lesson: humans […]

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16th September 2021

Astra Protocol Can Help Decentralized Financial Organizations Follow AML, KYC and Travel Rule

Read more at The rise of decentralized finance or DeFi has been nothing short of spectacular during the past […]

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Astra Protocol Is Helping Decentralized Financial Organizations Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Taken from the Bitcoin News article here: The meteoric rise of the DeFi and accompanying NFT space has been […]

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9th September 2021

How Astra’s Assurance Layer Is Bringing Trust To The World of DeFi Lending And Borrowing.

The movement of Decentralized Finance projects has increased since the commencement of the crypto craze. On several blockchains, new DeFi […]

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