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16th September 2021

Astra Protocol Can Help Decentralized Financial Organizations Follow AML, KYC and Travel Rule

Read more at The rise of decentralized finance or DeFi has been nothing short of spectacular during the past […]

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Astra Protocol Is Helping Decentralized Financial Organizations Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Taken from the Bitcoin News article here: The meteoric rise of the DeFi and accompanying NFT space has been […]

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9th September 2021

How Astra’s Assurance Layer Is Bringing Trust To The World of DeFi Lending And Borrowing.

The movement of Decentralized Finance projects has increased since the commencement of the crypto craze. On several blockchains, new DeFi […]

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27th August 2021

Proof of Trust Discloses What Is Essential for the Validation of Smart Contracts

Taken from CIO Sakhib Waseem’s interview in Daily Coin here: The use of smart contracts, which automates a democratized […]

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19th August 2021

Proof of Trust Seeks to Redefine the Future of Dispute Resolution

Taken from the recent Daily Coin Article: For many years, archaic processes, inadequate legal frameworks, and inefficient legacy arbitration […]

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17th August 2021

The Proof of Trust interview on Daily Coin

Excellent interview from our CIO, Sakhib Waseem, discussing the future of dispute resolution, fraud, blockchain technology, smart contracts and Defi.

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Chairman’s Update

I hope your month is off to a great start. It has been an extremely busy and fruitful period here […]

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11th August 2021

How an On-Chain Claim Verification Tool Could Make DeFi Insurance Fair and Hassle-Free

How an On-Chain Claim Verification Tool Could Make DeFi Insurance Fair and Hassle-Free The world of decentralized finance attracts a […]

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6th August 2021

CityAm Article – The role of smart government in the UK’s post-pandemic recovery

Taken from an article written by our CIO Sakhib Waseem in CityAM – Picture this: a country where 99% […]

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