The Proof of Trust

Safer smart contracts

The Proof of Trust provides limitless assurance for blockchain solutions.

We bring trust to your transactions.

Smart contracts demand trustworthy data

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As smart contracts and blockchain technology reshapes the way that customers and businesses interact, the more we need to redefine how
we treat disputes between businesses and customers.

The Proof of Trust is a digital protocol powered by distributed consensus, designed to manage arbitration or dispute resolution for smart contracts.

We help reach a fair, transparent, timeley outcome for all parties involved, while limiting exposure.


The Proof of Trust takes a multi-layered approach to dispute resolution and data assurance.


By spreading risk to multiple delegates, we eliminate single points of faliure within the assessment process.


Our anti collusion technology removes external influence as a key contributing factor for corroboration when reaching a dispute conclusion.


Through effective timeline control, we can assure we meet the expectations between businesses and customers for resolution.


We restore fairness in resolution, all decisions are made independently guaranteeing that settlement has been conducted justly, maintaining integrity in your data.