What is the biggest obstacle to conducting business with new people? A lack of Trust.

Our impartial service enables international commerce to run smoothly, without the need to establish a trusted business relationship.


Technology continues to reshape the way individuals and businesses interact. Blockchain and smart contracts are at the heart of this evolution.

Our globally patented protocol brings instant trust to transactions.

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The Protocol

The Proof of Trust has designed the only globally patented protocol that acts as an assurance layer for transactions, preventing invalid or insecure contracts from executing. The Proof of Trust protocol provides the ability for all parties involved to seamlessly raise contestation.

If there is a disagreement, dispute or issue raised, a group of independent arbitrators known as Delegates and Super Delegates are called upon to adjudicate on its validity. Delegates are verified and vetted legal or business specialists, working independently to ensure the fairest possible outcome is achieved.

Agnostic and Secure Technology

Our technology can be seamlessly integrated into both blockchain based and legacy technology and boasts enterprise grade security.

Risk Reduction

Transactions rely on accurate data, by spreading the risk associated with data entry amongst a panel of expert Delegates, we eliminate this single point of failure.

Fair resolution

We restore fairness in resolution, all decisions are made independently guaranteeing that settlement has been conducted justly, maintaining integrity in your data.


Our anti-collusion technology ensures that all Delegate determinations are given independently, such that the fairest possible outcome is always achieved.

Time is money

In order to reduce the impact on your operations, all queries will be settled as quickly as possible, saving both time and money.