Covid Fraud Resolution Platform

HMRC have identified 27,000 'high risk' cases that contain disparities

Recovering £billions has never been so easy…

1. Following an indication that an invalid furlough claim has been registered, The Proof of Trust application is invoked.

2. Each party has the opportunity to upload evidence to support their claim.

3. Our anti-collusion algorithm selects the most appropriate Delegates to examine the evidence.

4. The chosen Delegates inspect the evidence independently, in an environment free from conspiracy and fraud.

5. The result of the case is determined by the voting majority, our patented protocol is guaranteed to produce the fairest possible outcome.

6. Our use of blockchain ensures a trusted, immutable record of all events is kept providing a mechanism for rigorous data analytics.

7. The independent determination is passed back to HMRC, thereby effectively and efficiently resolving the case.