May 2020

The world seems to be a very different place to what it was even a couple of months ago. Lockdown has afflicted individuals in terms of personal freedoms and, COVID-19 has transformed the economic landscape of the world’s trading.

We at The proof of Trust have, as is our way, not been idle spectators.

The impact of the economic effects of the virus have emphasised the significance of online dispute resolution and a way of conducting business without the need for face to face contact.

To that end, the time since the announcement of the UK’s lockdown has seen continuing and widespread interest in the Proof of Trust, both here and across the world.

There are major initiatives which we are pursuing. Reasons of commercial confidentiality do not allow us to reveal specific details, but we are currently in active discussions with a major global law firm; a sovereign government; a large finance house,and, most significantly, a major world body.

Our proposals to float remain firm and we have engaged more international advisers to help us with that process.

This update is, by the very nature of the time, an interim bulletin to assure all of our supporters that we continue to progress and develop. What is increasingly clear, is that global players are coming to realise that an online dispute resolution protocol is not only the future, but is much needed in the present.

My next update, expected much sooner than usual, will, we believe, be able to announce some significant details of this recognition. We hope that you all stay safe at this time of crisis. Please be assured that the Proof of Trust is continuing to attract global attention for its innovative and, we believe, groundbreaking protocol.

Dean Armstrong CEO

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