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16th July 2020

Blockchain and AI

Two topics that are rarely out of today’s headlines, in one way or another, are blockchain and AI. Both these […]

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6th July 2020

The Proof of Trust — on or off a blockchain

An Alternative to Court The Proof of Trust exists to minimise the friction associated with doing business, either on or […]

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30th June 2020

A main market listing on the London Stock Exchange

Public Trading For a company to continue to grow beyond its humble roots, it often helps to be listed on […]

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24th June 2020

Voting — time for a change?

Voting — an ancient systemThe earliest form of democracy is often attributed to the ancient Greeks, and in the 2500 […]

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19th June 2020

CEO Update

My last CEO update promised exciting news, and I am delighted to announce some, please read on. First, some general […]

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16th June 2020

What blockchain could mean for the travel industry

Travel and COVID Unsurprisingly, the travel industry is just one of many sectors benefitting from blockchain adoption. In previous documents, […]

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2nd June 2020

Blockchain — an international venture

Adapt to succeed One of blockchain’s many attributes is its ability to facilitate transactions, without the need for multiple intermediaries. […]

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29th May 2020

Protecting and Assuring Personal Information

Big Data The prevalence of ‘Big Data’ in the media is a real indication of just how valuable your personal […]

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20th May 2020

A Struggle for the Legal system

A legal issue With everything that is going on at the moment, you’d be forgiven for paying little attention to […]

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