The Proof of Trust’s new product designed to integrate with all public blockchains, we seek to bring institutional trust to smart contract networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano and more.

The Proof of Trust Process

The image below describes how Astra insulates and resolves any issue that may occur between participants engaged in any smart contract.

Register Interest

Smart contract signed

Users digitally sign their smart contract after agreeing to use PoT as their dispute resolution platform

Dispute registered

If either party believes the agreement has been broken, a dispute is registered

Adjudicators selected

Our Patented algorithm determines the most appropriate adjudicators (Delegates) using business logic (The number of Delegates is agreed upon in the original smart contract)

Independent review

The Delegates review all available evidence and submit their verdicts independently

Decision reached

All votes are collated and the outcome is determined by the majority. The result is committed to blockchain

Dispute settled

All digital wallets are updated accordingly. The issue has been resolved remotely without the need for lengthy court proceedings